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Check out the brand new interview I did with Andy around Easter of 2011. Listen to the entire 75 minute interview here

Check out the exlusive interview I did with Andy McCluskey in July of 2010 talking about the upcoming OMD album History of Modern. The interview is 90 minutes long and includes clips of some of the songs from album.

Check out the entire interview here.

If you are running Windows 7 you can download the Windows 7 OMD Themepack. Just click the link and select the "open" option if you are using IE.

Don't forget to visit the other great sites here at Pat's World of OMD

Click the image above to purchase the Listening Pool album "Still Life"

Click the graphic above to purchase the OMD Documentary!

Note that the DVD is in PAL format and will NOT play in most North American DVD players!